The beautiful thing about you and I is not that we always see eye to eye
It’s not the need to always agree, to be and think and do the same
That  creates the expansiveness of life that we are here to experience.
It is the  very uniqueness that we present to each other,
The diverse passion with which we pursue our lives, our Divine expression
That creates the richness  and depth that we seek.

In embracing and loving not just our sameness but our uniqueness,
In  recognizing the spectacular way that the Spirit of Life
Is expressing  Itself in and as each other,
We create a safety, a sanctuary, a loving  holding of each Divine expression
That allows, invites, honors, nurtures  and celebrates our individuality.
Embracing the unique nature of  consciousness in ourselves, and in each other
Creates an interweaving, a  rich and beautiful and multifaceted tapestry
That would otherwise be  monochrome, a song of one note, sung the same by all.

Passion is free to flow, buffeting beliefs, bending egos, challenging  positions,
Yet held within such loving compassion that we are free to be,
Free to express, free to draw far outside of the established lines,
Knowing that the heart of the other is big enough and loving enough
To  celebrate the exploration, the willingness to wander, to create, to grow.

We recognize in each other the common undercurrent and direction,
The  embracing of the very nature of God Itself, the common thread,
The desire  to be the amazing, loving expressions of Spirit that we are created to be,
Experiencing and expressing that nature in brilliant and creative ways,
Ways that are courted and nourished and coaxed into the Light
By the  very differences that we embody and present to each other.

The beautiful thing about you and I is not that we always see eye to eye
But that we have come far enough, have learned enough, matured enough, grown  enough,  become willing enough and conscious enough and supple enough and  awake enough
To recognize and rejoice in what we see, in and as each  other.

I don’t just recognize and honor Spirit expressing through and as you.
I  thrill at the passion and the brilliance of Spirit expressing through and as  you.
Passion and compassion have become intertwined, flowing fire and open  hearts,
And have found a place within us, you and I, a safe haven for  unique expression
To be recognized, lifted up, encouraged, nourished,  celebrated.

We have awakened to the Truth that the all-inclusive power and nature of Love
Truly does hold within it all of the passion and compassion needed
For  each of us to be, all that we are, and all that we are here to be;
Unique,  individual, fantastic expressions of God,
Different and the same,  passionate and compassionate, expanding,  celebrated,
Recognized, and safe,  always, in Love.