It’s late, and I’m pooped. I got in quite a bit later than scheduled, due to a fog delay in Santa Rosa, which caused me to miss my flight in Seattle, which caused me to miss my flight in Anchorage. So add 4 hours and a few harried customer service people and I still managed to arrive in Homer on the same day as planned. Which was in doubt for a while. I thought that I might be spending the night at the Anchorage airport. Thank God, that was not to be.

The day was quite the adventure. During the first flight, the young lady next to me spilled her ginger ale, down my leg, into my left Birkenstock, and into my backpack. I’m still a bit sticky. She was amazingly unscathed.

Then I went to get something to drink in Seattle, and a man sat down next to me and noticed a name tag on my backpack that was from a conference of one sort or the other, and he said, “Rev. Jeff? SNIPS? My daily mail?”. Apparently he’s on my daily e-mail list – some of you know what that is, a short daily mail that I send out to a bunch of people, most of whom I don’t know – and this was a rather amazing example of synchronicity… or, as I told him, this is just so bizarre. He’s never been to a church. He works on the north slope, Prudhoe Bay at the Arctic Circle, never heard of Centers for Spiritual Living. He said,” I can’t wait to tell my friend who turned me on to your mailings about this.”.  I said buddy, you are a blog post. And then he bought me lunch.

Somewhere along the way I got an e-mal from my fly-fishing guide, who I had arranged to spend 2 days with while I am here. He said it had been raining, and the rivers are a bit high, and muddy, and maybe unfishable. Surely there are fish here somewhere who need to eat. I will e-mail him tomorrow.

Then I was off to Anchorage and was very excited about my first view of Alaska. Unfortunately it was raining in Anchorage, and the cloud cover didn’t break until we were about sixty feet off the ground. I had the middle seat, which is my least favorite, and which I got stuck with due to a cranky customer service person, and by the time we landed the gal with the windew seat was a bit perturbed at me for leaning over her to look out the window… at the clouds. At one point she said, “clouds.” That was about the extent of our conversation. At least she didn’t spill ginger ale on me.

On my other side however was a lovely woman who will be 85 next week, returning home to Anchorage from  few weeks with an old friend in… Boise maybe. Somewhere similar to Boise. Anyway she was sweet, and inspiring, and enlisted me to both hoist her bag into the overhead bin on the way in and then unhoisting and carrying her bag to where her daughter waited to receive her at the Anchorage Airport.

By this point I knew that any hope of dinner in Homer was doomed, so grabbed an airport burger in Anchorage. All I can say is, never eat a hamburger at the Anchorage Airport. But I did notice, while I was eating, a lovely, very round Alaskan woman drinking prodigious amounts of beer while watching sports highlights at the burger/pub. She ended up being my seat-mate to Homer. She was sweet, and lovely, and showed me how to play candy crush… when she wasn’t gasping and clutching my arm due to an almost incapacitating fear of flying.

We made it to Homer. The car rental place person stayed late for me, and by the time I left the airport I think I was the only one left there. It was silent. And deserted. And I was alone. In the dark. With a new car. In Homer And no real clue where I was. Or where I was going.

Fortunately Homer isn’t too big, and Safeway is open until 11, so I grabbed some coconut water, found my hotel, and am now settled in – showered, with an only slightly upset stomach from eating airport food all day.

The Ocean Shores, where I will spend a few days, seems nice enough. In the dark. It’s clean. And they left me my key… in an ice-chest on the office porch. And the key worked, and the shower worked.

And then I opened the door to my deck, and heard waves… remember, I can’t see anything. I got here after dark. I have no idea where I am. But I can hear the waves, Alaskan waves, right out my door… I think tomorrow is going to be good…  I will figure out the roaming charges, and data fee’s, and the fishing guides, and what to eat where when.

I can hear waves, Alaskan waves, right out my door. I think tomorrow is going to be good.