My second full day here in Homer, and I was supposed to go fishing today. I wore shoes, and socks. New shoes. New socks. I was ready. My guide had said that due to rain the Anchor River was, as of yesterday, still too muddy to fish, but was clearing by the hour. He didn’t get back to me last night, so I was up at six, called him at 6:15, left a message… and waited.

The family in the room next door with the 13 children also woke up about then, and since there were crows down on the beach, the kids decided to have a crow imitating contest. For about an hour.  At 6 a.m. They must have been flying too, as they were running up and down the wooden deck that runs along the front doors of the rooms.

At 8 they must have left, because I think I fell back asleep for an hour, then woke up at 9 to my guide calling to tell me that it might be clear enough for us to get a few hours in this afternoon. So I got a late breakfast and headed up to Anchor Point to his fly shop. He was watching football. And said the river was still too muddy. But we would try again tomorrow, when, barring rain overnight, the river should be good.

Oh, and yesterday, first full day here? Remember that hamburger at the Anchorage airport? That was my morning yesterday. Enough said. By afternoon I was feeling better and headed off to explore a bit, and I got some good pictures and saw some beautiful places. Last night I was too tired to write, but did post some pics of my day. One of the kids next door walked into my room at one point, yelling ‘MOM!’. He took one terrified look at me and bolted. That was the last I heard of him until the morning bird thing.

Anchor Point is maybe 3O minutes northwest of Homer, so after I left the fly shop in Anchor Point shortly after noon today I headed into the hills, took a lot of side-roads, some dirt roads, stopped at a lot of wide spots in the road to walk a bit and look around. Since I was already wearing socks and shoes, I took a rather long walk at one point, following a creek-bed towards what I assumed would be a larger river. At one point I realized that I was in quite a thicket, couldn’t see much, and right then some large critter decided to go crashing off through said thicket ahead of me. My radar kicked into gear, reminding me that the bears only had a few weeks left before hibernation to eat whatever they could find… and I decided that maybe I should check and make sure the car was ok. It was.

Dinner was a meatball sandwich and ceasar salad. Road food gets pretty old pretty quick. There are no restaurants on the other side of the bay, where I’m going Tuesday, through Friday. They said they would stock the fridge for me prior to my arrival. There are no cars over there either.  And you have to take a boat to get there. I think the shoes were a smart move. As was the jacket. And sweatshirt. It’s been nice when the sun is out, but, holy moly, cold when it’s not. You’d think I was in Alaska or something!

But first, tomorrow, and fishing! I will fish, somewhere, somehow, I will fish. Hopefully the river is clear, the flyline is new, the waders are waterproof, and the guide willing.