In the last few days I’ve become aware of, and had conversations with, a whole bunch of people that are feeling, well, cranky. Or something. Out-of-sorts, melancholy, post-holiday blues, restless, depleted, wrung-out,  depressed, minor physical illness – it’s showing up in all kinds of ways.

It seems to be a wide-spread event, and there is a common theme. Which leads me to conclude that perhaps it’s by design.

Maybe this is the perfect week, for Divine discontent.

It makes sense. The big holiday hubbub is now a few days past. There’s nothing under the tree, company has pretty much gone home, events concluded. All of that planning and running around and busy-ness is done. And here we find ourselves, feeling a bit in-between, with a brand new year staring us in the face just a few days away, wondering what we’re going to do with it. And something within us is, well, informing us, of something.

These conversations have invariably started with a focus about what’s wrong. Money, relationship, vocation, whatever. Some version of wishing for what isn’t. But it’s not about what it first appears to be about. All that wrongness is a great distraction, a great way to blame or deflect or distract, but that’s not what this is about. There’s something more important, underneath. If we can sit with it, unpack it a bit, we’ll get past the monkey-mind stuff to what’s really going on.

I’m doing that, with myself, and with other people, and here’s what I’m finding; There is a deep desire within us that is seeking more space in our minds and hearts – in our lives – for more right. More joy, more love and laughter, more beauty and kindness and compassion. More love.  More authenticity. Something within us is pushing up against our old fear of judgment, beliefs about roles and responsibility, and demanding attention, almost begging for permission to be real, to be creative and wild and take fabulous chances and try things – try showing up – like we never have before. Bigger. Realer. Freer.

Something is desperately trying to get our attention.

At the conclusion of one of these conversations, a friend came up with this affirmation for herself, “I give life permission to make its way through me and as me and surrender to the radical love that is my true identity and life-path.”

Another, “I listen to my inner voice, and fearlessly follow where that Divine urging leads me.”

Wherever you find yourself in this in-between season, you are being informed. Something is stirring, collectively, within us – an invitation, maybe even a demand, to step more fully into our own ”yes” whatever that yes looks like, to move past old limitations that have held us back. Self-imposed limitations, as it turns out, that we have allowed to hold us back. Divine discontent is stirring the pot of our hearts and souls and looking for a few who are willing to move past what has been into what is desperately trying to be.

This is a season of great transformation. We’ve all been talking about it for a while now. What if this is it, now, this week, today? What if now is the time, and we are the people, and this stirring in the depths of our being is simply the Spirit of the cosmos trying to get our attention? What if all It needs is our permission, the willingness and the courage to just say, “Yes. I say yes to life, and I let it have It’s way with me, whatever that may be and wherever it may lead”, in order to evolve into what It’s ready to be, into what we are aching to be?

What is this is the perfect week for Divine discontent? Are we paying attention? And are we willing, really willing, to follow where it leads?