What does a person do when they find themselves no longer standing on the solid, dry ground above the high tide line? When definition and separation begin to blur, and you find yourself no longer clearly identified with creatures of the land only, but realize that the line of distinction between the island and the sea is no longer clear?

Spiritual beings having a human experience, we have come to realize that we are not only the island, but like the island have risen from the sea, and will inevitably return to it. We are not distinct from it, but enmeshed within it.

The realization is that we, as humans, live neither neatly as island or as sea, but inhabit that undefined spiritual intertidal zone. We feel the island beneath our feet, yet also experience the slosh and salt of the sea with every step. We have entered into the realm of intertidal creatures, and, like them, are dependent upon the mass of the island but subject to the waves and tides of sea.

And, like them, at least twice a day, we find ourselves either immersed in the nourishing turmoil of rising waves, or exposed to air and sun, retreating, gasping, enduring time of separation from the life-giving source that we are inextricably connected to.