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When Life Falls Apart

Sure it hurts. Sure we get to be disappointed, and surely get to be disoriented. We get to feel our feelings. We have to, to mourn the loss of  something, the loss of a dream, an idea. And then, when we’re good and done with looking back, we get to look ahead, and to ask ourselves some very important questions; What is our life supposed to look like? What is it supposed to be about? Where do we even start looking? If our best ideas and dreams and models haven’t worked out according to plan, is there some different resource that they forgot to tell us about?

Cultural Creatives – A New Paradigm for Living

Social media is a great place to observe the emergence of this new consciousness, this upwelling of common thought and desire from what might at first appear to be very uncommon quarters. We are looking to be inspired and encouraged, and are looking to places, people and teachings that are a common ground.

Spiritual Diversity

We are great doubters. We doubt the viability of other people, of other ways of doing things, of other ways of thinking and looking and believing. We doubt that people who show up in the world differently than we do are every bit as viable and valuable and beautiful and perfect as our idea of what is perfect.

Osama Bin Laden, and Villains in General

Why is it that we love to hate our villains with such vehemence? What purpose does the seeming unending parade of villains serve? Who will be our next villain? And what if we, as a species, changed our minds?

Passion and Compassion

I don’t just recognize and honor Spirit expressing through and as you. I thrill at the passion and the brilliance of Spirit expressing through and as you.

The Village and The Mountaintop

Part of us craves the solitude, the peace, the symmetry and beauty and organic nature of nature itself, of the mountaintop. But the fact is that the grocery store, the gas station, the experience of interpersonal relations – loving each other – in essence, the community that we also want, need and desire to be a part of are all to be found in the village.

God In The Midst Of Challenge

When I am present, I am not reliving some challenge that happened an hour ago, or yesterday, or last week. Nor am I borrowing trouble from the future that does not yet exist. Instead, I am present, experiencing what is before me to experience.

Japan, Waves and Consciousness

The air was heavier than usual today. Almost oppressive. I thought that it was just me, an off day maybe.

Co-Independence – Practicing Compassionate Empowerment

I was recently asked; What is the difference between compassion, and co-dependence? Co-dependent has become a buzzword, used rather liberally, yet there is confusion as to what it means, and how, or if, it affects our lives. When does something that can feel and look like compassion, even have compassionate motivation, cross a line into being something unhealthy?

Misfit Mystic

If there’s one thing that going through hell will give you, it’s perspective. Hell is funny that way. Once you’ve been there, nothing ever looks quite the same again. Not that I would recommend that particular route as a path to spiritual consciousness, but if you do find yourself on that path, and if you survive it, it certainly does get your attention.

Are You a Prisoner to Your Story?

Many people firmly believe that they are their stories. We can become so attached to it that it defines us, and limits our experience of life. We forget that it is our past, not our present. This does not necessarily have to be so. We need not be bound by our past, or defined by our story. We are what we believe ourselves to be. And we are free to be anything we choose.

Transcendence – Creating a New Model for Living

We are in a period of cultural awareness unparalleled in modern times. Even science, via theoretical quantum physics, is now telling us that what we choose, how we think and what we look for determines what we experience in life. Yet we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.