Alaska 2016

Inner Reaches Western Coves (2016)
Wildlife and Wilderness 7-  night Inside Passage adventure cruise

Cruise dates: 16 July 2016 to 23 July 2016
Tentative arrival in Alaska date: 15 July 2016

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  • Explore “wild and woolly” wilderness (“skookum” to the locals)
  • Wildlife and whale watching in Frederick Sound and Stephens Passage
  • Kayak and paddle board through remote coves in Tongass National Forest
  • El Capitan Cave hike on Prince of Wales Island
  • Observe a Stellar sea lion haulout at The Brothers Islands
  • Kayak and skiff along Chatham Strait’s rugged coastline
  • Also daily gatherings with our group and Reverend Jeff

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March 1 UPDATE!

We just checked in with the cruise company, and there are THREE CABINS STILL AVAILABLE AS OF 3/1/16.
This is a small ship –  just 38 total cabins.
If you want to 
secure a berth in one of the remaining cabins or if you want more information on our group,
please call JIM CRAMER at SPIRIT TOURS asap! Tel 707 566 8078

I am not normally a cruise person. I have no interest in a mega-cruise ship.
But this is a small ship – just 76 passengers total.  Small ship adventures will,
I believe,  be totally different that a mega-cruise ship deal,
in no small part because half of the people on board will be us!
Here’s our boat.. err… ship!

We’ll have spiritual practice together throughout the trip,
and are hoping to connect with a shaman or elder along the way
to learn more about indigenous spirituality.

Below you will find our itinerary and registration  for the Un Cruise
The Un cruise booking must be made  through Spirit Tours.
Call SpiritTours at 707-566-8078 if you  have any questions.

Reserving a cabin requires a deposit of $750 per person. Please see the Registration attached. Group# 000213 / Spirit Tours (We have blocked 16 Cabins)
Check out this video!

The cost of the cruise depends on which cabin type you prefer.
$3595 for Trailblazer Cabins
$4395 for Navigator Cabins
you can go on line a pick which cabin you want… First come first serve……
* Note for any credit card payment a 2.5% cc process fee is added (Bank charge)

Here is the link for the cabin types

Here is a list of the cabins that we have blocked:
TRB 310, 311, 312, 313, 315, 317, 318, 319, 320, 322, 323, 324, 325
NAV 204, 206, 208

Inner Reaches Western Coves / 7 Nights, Ketchikan to Juneau, Alaska
• Ketchikan
• Tongass National Forest
• Prince of Wales Island
• Chatham Strait
• Frederick Sound
• The Brothers Islands
• Stephens Passage
• Tracy Arm Wilderness
• Juneau

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FARES INCLUDE: All onboard meals; non-alcoholic beverages; exclusive transfers
and baggage handling between airport/vessel on embark/disembark days; entry fees to national parks/ preserves; most from-the-boat adventure activities and equipment; wellness program: hot tub, sauna, fitness equipment, and yoga mats.


Day 1) Ketchikan,Alaska –
Embarkation Welcome aboard! Meet your crew, get settled in, and keep watch for eagles as we cruise through the Tongass Narrows out of Ketchikan.

Day 2) Tongass National Forest Aha! The wilderness of Southeast Alaska. Wake in a remote cove surrounded by breathtaking Tongass National Forest—the largest national forest in the US. Joined by your expedition team, it’s a water ops morning. Spend it paddling a kayak, paddle boarding, or exploring by skiff. Then settle in as you cruise the northern tip of Prince of Wales Island, nestled right in the heart of the Tongass. It’s a grand first day of exploration!

Day 3) El Capitan Cave / Prince of Wales Island Take a walk on the wild side winding through high forest on an old logging trail, and find your way to El Capitan Cave, the largest known cave in Alaska and one of the largest mapped caves in the Americas. Learn from Forest Service Rangers about karst and the geologic forces that created this intricate cave system. Locals—bears, harbor seals and humpbacks, deer, eagles, humans too—enjoy the calm and serenity of the island. Take it all in, and chances are, you will too.

Day 4) Chatham Strait It’s Captain’s Choice today as you explore the intricate passages and shores along Chatham Strait’s Kuiu Island. Join your expedition team on (or in!) the water. Conditions permitting, take to the water by kayak, skiff, or snorkel. Snorkeling is optional, but hidden beneath the surface lies a magical array of sea life only seen from below. Take a deep breath and go for it! Today’s discoveries will be within some of the most untouched wilderness of the Tongass National Forest.

Day 5) Frederick Sound Lush forest, spectacular views, play time, and wildlife—they are all in abundance in Frederick Sound. Keep watch along the coastline for birds, wolves, and black bears. With many secluded coves to choose from, you may discover the intertidal zones of Security or Saginaw Bays, or perhaps another hidden gem to explore by skiff or paddle a kayak. Gear up for snorkeling or guided hikes. This evening, toast another day of amazing adventure with a cold microbrew or cocktail.

Day 6) The Brothers Islands / Stephens Passage There’ll be plenty of wildlife viewing today. The Brothers, a pair of tiny, rocky islands at the confluence of Stephens Passage and Frederick Sound, are home to some of Alaska’s most abundant wildlife, including a haulout for Steller sea lions. The area is also the summer feeding ground for the largest concentration of humpback whales in the northern hemisphere. Keep watch for orca, humpbacks, and porpoise.

Day 7) Tracy Arm Wilderness At the end of Tracy Arm, a winding fjord with sheer granite walls, hundreds of cascading waterfalls, and some of the largest icebergs in all of Alaska, sits the twin Sawyer Glaciers—Sawyer and South Sawyer. The fjord is home to brown and black bears, deer, mountain goats, harbor seals, and birds such as arctic terns and pigeon guillemots.

Day 8) Juneau, Alaska – Disembarkation Bid adieu to new-found friends over breakfast before disembarking. Transfer directly to the Juneau airport or begin your add-on overnight stay or extended land tour.





Register through SpiritTours
Tel 707 566 8078 Fax 707 566 8068
Inner Reaches Western Coves (2016)
Wildlife and Wilderness Inside Passage adventure cruise
With Reverend Jeff Anderson
July 16- 23 2016
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Reserving a cabin requires a deposit of $750 per person.$200 per person
booking fee included in deposit. Please see the cancellation policy listed below:
$200.00 non refundable booking fee
Days Prior To Departure Per Person Cancellation Fee
91 days or more 50% of initial deposit Minus $200 booking fee
90 to 61 days Forfeiture of full deposit Minus $200 booking fee
60 to 46 days 50% of gross fare Minus $200 booking fee
45 to 31 days 75% of gross fare Minus $200 booking fee
30 to 0 days 100% of gross fare
Final payment is due 60 days prior.
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