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My name is Jeff Anderson, and I am a minister affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living, headquartered in Golden, Colorado.  I have a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies, and spiritual counseling has been my primary vocation since 2002.

I’ll give you a little bit of my history. Not all, but a snapshot.

My best friends in junior high and high school were preacher’s kids. I hung out with their families, and saw something in them that I recognized within myself, though I was not at all sure at the time what that something was.

I bounced around to various protestant philosophies, looking for a Truth I sensed was there, somewhere. My search led me to become a psychology major in college in the late 1970?s.

I explored the pioneers of psychotherapy; Jung, Freud and others. While Jung got my attention, I was not totally satisfied, and continued to investigate various religions and philosophies including traditional Christianity and Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism.

In the mid 1990?s the bottom fell out of my life. A broken back resulted in my losing everything that I held dear, everything that I defined myself by. The marriage, house, career, health, money, toys, status, even family and friends went away. What was left was just me, and God. I almost didn’t survive the experience. I fell so far and so fast that I was not at all sure that I could walk out of the black hole that I found myself in.

At the very bottom one day, I was talking to God. The discussion was basically about if I had it in me to rebuild my life. I wasn’t at all convinced. Honestly, I was ready to cash it in and try again next time. And God said to me very clearly, as It does once in a blue moon, “Jeffrey, if you choose to walk out of this, you will know abundance and joy and love that will make what you have experienced in the past pale in comparison.”

I’ll never forgot those words.

Since my only other option was to check out – and I really don’t think we get out of this that easy – I took God at It’s word, and began my walk out of the darkness and back into the Light. Though by no means a traditionalist, I came to understand what it meant to be reborn.

Shortly thereafter I came upon a Center for Spiritual Living in northern California and began studying metaphysics. I started taking classes again, and after 5 years became licensed as a spiritual practitioner and counselor. A few years later I entered ministerial school, and graduated with a masters degree in Consciousness Studies. And I’m still taking classes, still studying world religions, philosophy, metaphysics, quantum physics, spiritual psychology, and lots more. I teach, facilitate workshops and retreats, write curriculum, speak at spiritual communities, and I work one-on-one with people addressing life challenges and building new lives.

I have come to understand that the reason I have been through what I have is so that I can help others to find their way out of their own brand of hell.

There’s more, but it’s just a story. We all have one.

I am currently affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living – Golden (CO), Center for Spiritual Living – Santa Rosa (CA), and am co-founder of Going with the Flow Spiritual Adventures (a nature ministry).

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c/o Oakland Center for Spiritual Living

5000 Clarewood Drive, Oakland CA 94618



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