Today is day four in Lafayette. I now know where the post office is, Starbucks, Whole Foods and El Chorro Mexican restaurant. Oh and the 7-11 and the Indian restaurant, which has very nosey waiters (“You are alone sir? No wife?”) Seriously. But that’s another rather interesting topic entirely – dining alone. Next time he asks I’ve got the perfect response: “No husband either.”

Day one, Friday, was moving day. Moving was kind of surreal. I found myself wanting more time, yet there was none. Guys showed up with a truck, and 90 minutes later were on the road. (Sunny Movers did a great job. 2 guys and a truck moved everything for $715 bucks.) “See you there.” they said. So I had to go.

But then I was here, instead of there. Lafayette? A month ago I didn’t even know it existed. That was day one – Friday.

Saturday I needed to get the place at least a little bit organized. What goes where. What needs to get unpacked and what might as well just stay in boxes for now. How I ended up with about 30 new toothbrushes. Maybe 40. And where to put them. Stuff like that. By midafternoon I was beat, and after a trip to the self-storage place to buy a wardrobe box for clothes that won’t fit in the closet, I needed a nap, so showered, and laid down.

Until the police showed up at my door. “Lafayette police!” Great. My first whole day here. Since my door wasn’t locked they came on in, since apparently someone had called 911 from this address (the landline, next door). “Did you call us?” one of the officers asked my half-asleep self. No, I was asleep. “So you didn’t call us?” Nope. Sleepin’. OK sorry to bother you. End of nap. Welcome to Lafayette.

Yesterday, day three was all about Santa Rosa, my amazing CSL community there, the annual picnic and giving and receiving love and an early dinner before heading back, home. Home. A very interesting word. A very interesting idea. Yesterday I realized that home means, at least in part, comfort. And familiarity. Home is a place where love happens, where relationship happens. It’s sanctuary. Safe haven.

Something shifted overnight, or early this morning – the realization that this, now, is where I am to be. Home, here, too. And I am clear that although my geography has shifted a bit, I am not leaving behind what is truly important, but instead am expanding it. It’s an hour away for God’s sake. I’m only an hour down the road. Ok an hour and 15 minutes. So what I am experiencing now is just the edginess of expansion. Growing pains.

Today, day four in Lafayette, I got my home office work-ready – well, except that the cable guy just disconnected the wifi somehow, in an effort to get the cable TV working. Now neither one work. I can hear the BART (bay area rapid transit) train in the distance. I’ve never been on BART. I am not letting the cable guy leave until the wifi is working. Then, maybe I’ll go for Indian food.