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Buy Reverse Charades on Amazon. Download the crossword solutions. Please enter a valid email. Gather everyone up either IRL or in a group chat, then name a household item. Yup, not true Thanksgiving games but these party games are great for large groups. Start burning some of those calories by taking a stroll after the big meal. How do they smell? The different game that time, so the turkey is a craft paper and ingredients on fine motor skills, at the multiplication and his barnyard faves among the thanksgiving day table! Give each child a camera and have them take photos of friends, family, and things they think are special. Once you start the timer, they will need to rip up the paper into the shape of a turkey with tailfeathers and all. Here is a fun, easy to play, dice game that has students trying to collect all the Thanksgiving food first. For smaller kids, it might be best to go ahead and make the body for them and let them color and fold their own fan for the tail. It is a time to spend quality time together with a thankful heart. 40 Thanksgiving Activities For 5 Year Olds Crafts Games. Download the entire printable pack for games, easy crafts, coloring and more! You are using a browser that does not have Flash player enabled or installed. Create a competition by timing every participant to see who can solve all these riddles the fastest. This game is adapted from the Minute to Win It game: Suck It Up. This is another craft that kids of all ages will love. Description: This is the Foodie Pro child theme created for the Genesis Framework. Freebies for thanksgiving day, choose a great game is being thankful you. This works great for virtual parties, too! Gratitude is the reason for the season. After your Thanksgiving Day feast bust out some board games to play together as a family. Resource Prep: Print, laminate and cut all game cards. This game requires Adobe Flash Player. Flower