It happens every single time. I get some hair-brained idea to inquire further into a topic – it’s a spiritual curiosity really, an inspiration, but there are also moments when it feels hair-brained, like, “look what I’ve gone and done this time.” Anyway I get some bright idea like the one that came a couple of weeks ago to look into something further, to open my mind and wander down a rabbit hole to see what I can see. And holy moly, that kind of wandering can get really interesting, really fast.

I’m going to be speaking at the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa in two weeks, October 26th, and I was invited to present a workshop that afternoon, following the three morning services. I don’t always accept these workshop invitations because a) it makes for a very long day, and b) when I do something and ask people to invest their time and money I want it to be valuable. Life-changing valuable. And that can feel like a challenge to accomplish in two hours.

The theme in Santa Rosa this month is “story”, the power thereof, etc. So I figured ok, easy enough. Knowing personally how powerful the stories that we tell ourselves are, I can speak to that, and can also help people to begin to craft a new story for themselves, one that is more in alignment with their own hearts and souls. The “change your thinking, change your life” model works really well for this kind of thing. I’m living proof.

But then I was informed that a colleague is already doing a workshop on story this month. She is also really good at speaking to and teaching this stuff so I figured alrighty then, we’ll so something different. And I asked myself, “What’s alive in me right now? What would be a really fun and alive and important topic to address?” and the answer came, “Soul. The human soul.” We don’t talk much about it, and maybe this would be a real good time to do just that.

Hair-brained idea. Because what happens when we open this kind of can of worms is that the universe responds. It’s the law of reciprocity. If there is a question, an inquiry, an inspiration, it’s a prayer, an invitation, and apparently the Universe – God, Spirit, Universal Intelligence, call It what you will – is perpetually poised and eager to respond to this kind of thing.

Well, it did, and continues to, and I’m very excited about it, and even slightly impressed by my own audacity to think that I can address something like this in two hours. But what if… – I love that question, “What if?” – What if the information, the perspective and the understanding that just might happen as a result of this kind of inquiry is a game-changer? What if… the penny drops, a moment of clarity happens, a new realization about our own design reveals itself and changes our whole model of living? What if?

I can tell you this; since I opened this can of worms, my inquiry has been met with a response that has surprised me. Well, surprised, and not. It happens every time. In this case an old model (3.000ish years old) that has been very helpful to me in understanding the whole “spiritual being having a human experience” thing has revealed even more wisdom and understanding to me just within the last week that I am anxious to share. I’ve had some great conversations – all of a sudden soul-oriented conversations are showing up all over the place – and know there will be more. The radar is on in a big way.

And this happens every time. So my point today is twofold; first, if this kind of inquiry – Care of Feeding of the Human Soul – stirs something inside of you, mark the date – October 26th – and come sit in on the conversation.

But second and perhaps more important in the bigger scheme of things – ok, maybe not. Soul stuff is pretty important, but still – what are YOU curious about? What topic inspires you, excites you, mystifies you but keeps showing up and won’t leave you alone? If there is a question, an inquiry, an inspiration, it’s a prayer, an invitation, and the Universe is perpetually poised and eager to respond to this kind of thing. It’s Spirit within you seeking a greater understanding, experience and expressing of Itself, through and as you.

Try it for yourself.  Choose an area of interest. Commit to it, even in a relatively light way. Commit to consider it every day for the next 30 days. Commit to be curious, to do a little research, ask questions, maybe write a bit. Commit to pay attention. You may be amazed at the way that Life responds to this inner inquiry. Just make a little space for it, in your mind, in your heart. In your BEing. There will be a response. There always is. Every single time.