I love it when the Universe places the perfect person in my path, at the perfect time, with the perfect reminder. And I am so grateful when I am awake and aware enough to recognize the message for what it is.

I am so honored to be entrusted with speaking to people about spiritual living, and tomorrow I get to do just that at Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa. Three services, three talks, and then a workshop in the afternoon about the human soul. Honestly, even after doing this work for quite a few years now, it still blows my mind that I am doing it at all. Me?! As I (semi) jokingly say sometimes when asked to speak, or teach, “Surely you could find someone qualified!”

My messenger friend this morning dropped me a note to tell me that she has been invited to consider applying for a position of significant responsibility. And she shared with me her version of that same little voice that seems to be a common inhabitant in a lot of our heads, the one that says, “surely they could find someone more qualified!”, or, “you couldn’t possibly do that, you’re too… quiet, old, uneducated…” This is the voice that says, “look at you, with all of your quirks and foibles and even flaws, who do you think you are… to teach… to lead…“

And I told my friend, “You would be a great person to lead, because of your heart. That’s what people feel, what they experience of you. It’s your greatest gift, and your most powerful contribution. We get all wound up about the packaging of that heart, all of our critiques of ourselves. I know. I do it too. But as we learn to lead with our hearts, which we are doing, then the packaging becomes, well, just packaging. And we clean up as best we can and show up, and we bring heart, wherever we go. And other people that are also choosing to lead with their hearts, they too are less concerned with packaging than in feeling and sensing and loving. And we get to ‘see’ each other through those eyes, which don’t see any flaws at all. They just see love.”

This was the perfect reminder for me, for tomorrow. Its the same thing, where she and I find ourselves, just a different package.

I have come to realize that the very things that one part of our heads firmly believes disqualify us from stepping fully into life are the very things that qualify us the most. It is our awareness, our feeling of the fragility of our own humanity that allows for the kind of conversations that are wanting to be had today, that must be had if we are to restore wellness to ourselves, to our neighborhoods and to our planet.   Humility, compassion, and vulnerability are mandatory ingredients in these emerging conversations, and just might allow for the kind of shift that a reawakening global heart is aching for. We’ve been told what to do and how things work from a place of ego and arrogance for a long time, and all we have to do is to look at our world to see how well that has worked.

It’s time for new conversations, among real people with open minds and loving hearts. It’s time to start paying more attention to how we feel, and to start trusting that feeling. It’s time to start inviting and allowing our feeling to inform our thinking, rather than the other way around. And the language of these conversations will be different. Ernest Holmes says that God speaks in a language of emotion, sense, feeling, and I agree. It’s a language much broader and deeper than the spoken word. The language of the heart is full and rich and ripe with pure intelligence and love. I want to know that language, to have conversation – indeed, to live my life – based on that language.

So today I will set down my fretting about what to wear and how I look and wanting to sound like I know what I’m talking about. Because while I watch my head run through its tiresome critique and habitual fretting, my heart peacefully sits off to the side and knows what it knows – that love is the greatest power, and that love meets all of the details and fretting and over-mentalizing and soothes my busy mind like a balm, inviting a wonderful, restorative breath.

And in the space of that one, single, life-affirming breath, if I am awake and aware enough to recognize the message for what it is, there is a still, small voice. “All is well”, it whispers. “I AM your heart. It’s all Me, beloved. And all is well.”