the soul, awakened, teased long enough
takes a stand refusing to be denied.
no longer still, or small, but pushing, aching,
surging to inhabit the bodies it has been gifted
unimpeded, fearless, vital, thrilling and free.
the ecstatic choreographer fulfilling divine purpose;
smell basil and autumn and salt flats on ebb,
taste cinnamon and apple, baked and cooled
and met unabashedly by a watering mouth,
tongue and lips designed and starving for such dripping delight.

the soul, awakened, enrolling the chi, the impulsor,
the vital life force to burst through uncertainty,
mental equations created to protect
that which no longer desires to be protected,
but longs instead to fall, open and raw, into the vastness
that meets the newly willing at every turn.

the soul, awakened, morphing and popping like bubble bath
no longer content to remain bottled and shelved,
yearning to be fearlessly poured now, to fulfill its purpose,
its design, its desire to fill this tub, this blink of an eye
that is the human experience full to overflowing
with warm fragrance and rich touch, slick and sublime.

the soul, awakened, desirous of full dominion
of all senses, awake and engaged, a consummation,
an ingesting, a holy communion
with the sounds and tastes and smells of life itself,
rich and messy and deliciously undefined,
nourishing and thrilling with edgy delight.
and the mind concedes servitude, loosens its grasp,
the body restoring that which the ache invites,
and the heart opens, poised, leaning, falling,
wholly and completely into the next gasping breath.

Jeff Anderson 10/07/2014