Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling

If you want to change your life, to experience more of the things that make life worthwhile, something’s got to give. We can’t keep doing the same thing, thinking the same thoughts, looking at life in the same way and expect a different experience.

What are your values and priorities? Are you honoring who and what you are here to be? Are you living the kind of life that you really want to live, or are you doing what you think you “should” be doing instead? Is your life expanding, or are you stuck?

Is your life fulfilling, or does something within you ache for more?

Spiritual counseling provides a different perspective on life. Our thoughts are amazingly powerful, and we can change our whole lives by simply changing our minds. Spiritual Counseling applies spiritual or universal principles to our life challenges, and does so in a way that is in integrity with our life purpose. This is not some obscure philosophical theory. It applies to you, whether you are aware of it or not. And perhaps that is the key; awareness. As we awaken to our spiritual Truth, a Truth that is much bigger and more powerful than any circumstance or situation, we can begin to recreate our lives in a way that is in alignment with our heart and soul desires.

You don’t have to be religious to benefit from spiritual counseling. You don’t have to go to church. You don’t even have to like church!. This is spiritual, not religious. All that is required is desire, a little willingness for things to change, and a belief that things CAN change.

Like it or not, you’re playing in the realm of spiritual principle all of the time. And, like it or not, change is going to happen. Your choice is;

Do you want to be reactive, or proactive? You get to choose.
You can take your power back and co-create a better life for yourself…
whenever you’re ready.

One on One Personal Counseling

(In person, Skype, or phone) ~ $100 per session (1 hour)

(Clients are responsible for all telephone charges incurred. All sessions are by appointment. E-mail Jeff@SpiritAsJeff.com.)

Jeff has given me the gift of reminding me that I am a child of God, I deserve my good, and I can be happy, joyous and free regardless of what is going on around me. He has a knack for understanding, and has shown me how to hear my own inner wisdom and guidance. Kind, gentle and loving (and patient!), Jeff is counselor, guide, and mentor, helping me to change my life into what I have always wanted it to be.

~ Angela C., Business Manager, Santa Rosa, CA

Through his words and conviction Jeff has guided my spirit to a new level. He has walked with me through hell, and back. I have uncovered hidden beliefs, redirected negative thought patterns and now have the courage to face new challenges with confidence. As the possibilities of life continue to unfold, it is wonderful to know that I have the support and guidance of such a dear soul along the way.

~ Susan Nielsen, Insurance Execuive, Santa Rosa, CA USAI have often come to Jeff with problems that seemed insurmountable. He takes the time to lift me up when I am down, and yet is right there to point out when I need to laugh at myself when I take myself too seriously. Jeff soothes my ruffled feathers when my feelings get hurt. He genuinely cares about people. All people. Not just the ones with power, or that look great, or that have charisma but also those people that are often ignored. He loves people, and believes in the power of Universal Love.

~ Sharon F., Retired, Santa Rosa, CA

Jeff not only walked with me through perhaps the most difficult time in my life, but he also helped me to rebuild a better life for myself than I ever dreamed I could have.

~ Nancy Stratton, Retail Manager, Sonoma, CA

I just want to let you know that you have had a profound impact on my spiritual life. You’ve done this through your “Relationship as a Spiritual Practice” workshop last week at the Asilomar conference.

~ Rev. Dr. Jeff Varkonyi, MainLink Center for Spiritual Being

Therapy helped me a lot. It served it’s purpose. Then I met Jeff, and we started working not on the past, but on the present and the furture. That’s where I want to focus my attention today.

~ Darren Chapps, Investment Banker, Napa, CA

What is a spiritual practitioner?

The Practitioner realizes that we are born of Spirit and not of matter. Spirit is Changeless, Perfect and Complete. S/he realizes that we are the living embodiment of Perfection.
—Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

How many people in your life know the Truth of who you are? How many know that you are the holy child of God, perfect in every detail? How many can see beyond the circumstances of your life and know that you are already one with everything you could possibly desire? This is the wonderful job of the practitioner.

Each practitioner has gone through years of training and has spent countless hours in prayer and meditation. Practitioners have learned to see beyond the “veil of illusion” to the Spiritual Truth of each and every person. (Okay, sometimes we do forget.)

Ours is the opportunity to help free ourselves, and our clients, from any sense of separation from our Good. We realize that there is only one life, right now, right where we are. This realization of the light of God casts out all darkness and the oneness and allness of God is revealed, and in that moment the healing is done.

Take the opportunity to work with a practitioner soon and experience the healing that occurs when you are in the presence of someone who knows the Spiritual Truth of who you are, and in whose image and likeness you are created. Allow yourself to be shown the way back home to the kingdom of God and to the spiritual truth of who you truly are. Discover the light of God that is waiting to express through, and as you, in each and every moment.
—Rev. Ron M. Stone